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With Self-Gripping Performance Tape

Protect Your Athletes 

To Perform

Our light-weight flexible formula has no adhesive
or glue to leave a residue.


It's a self-gripping tape that doesn't lift the skin. It naturally contours to the skin, providing protection, comfort and pain-free removal.


Protective Self-Gripping Tape for Individual or Commercial Applications

Industrial & Mechanical Safety

Sports Applications

Medical & Veterinarian Use


Protect Your Skin
From Athletic Calluses, Cuts & Abrasions

Our Guard-Tex® self-gripping tape provides flexible padding to protect your fingers without sacrificing dexterity and flexibility.

Our athletic tape offers great, painless performance that protects your body so you can focus on your goals. 

Comfortable, Self-Gripping
Protective Sports Tape

GUARD-TEX® Sport original self-gripping tape has a comfortable, waterproof armor that helps it stay in place to better protect the skin - it works as hard as your athletes.

GUARD-TEX® and GAUZTEX® tapes and wraps are comfortable, easy to apply and allow skin to breathe without sticking to

skin or hair.​

Bright Gradient

Unbeatable Quality

  • Sticks only to itself – not to skin, hair or clothing. Even when wet!

  • Easy to apply – no added tape or pins are necessary.

  • Easy to remove – it won't pull hair or skin.

  • Doesn't leave a gummy residue.

  • Use it for wrapping dry or wet dressings over wounds.

  • Use as a support wrap for sprains and strains.

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